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Hundreds of millions of hotel information highlights the user information protection

Date: 2018-12-07

On November 30, marriott international group said in a statement, the company owned by starwood hotels a room-booking database was hacked, on or before September 10, 2018 in most of the hotel reservation information or leaked about 500 million guests.And shockingly, information first began in 2014, but it was not until September 8, 2018, marriott international group received internal alarm security tools.

Marriott is investigated whether user information spread to China hotel and Chinese customers.Considering the marriott in China also has a large number of the hotel, I'm afraid the leaking of big probability involving Chinese customers.In fact, the hotel tenants leaked information at home would have sounded the alarm.Loopholes in October 2013, the domestic third-party monitoring platform release according to the report, including hanting, home inns, many domestic hotels, is used by a company to develop the hotel WiFi, certification management system, there is the possibility of customer information leakage;In August of this year, owned by a China hotel check in record of suspected leak, plain code marks a price to sell the news on the Internet.Living by selling data including China website registration information, hotel registration identity information, and hotel check in record three categories, a total of nearly 500 million data.Finally the police found out, the criminal suspect to make use of hacking to steal corp., China hotel data and sold in foreign websites, but not trading success.

Also suffered hackers database for the hotel and related to the size of the article hundreds of millions of the same data, as a kind of objective facts, hotel areas often spill incidents in recent years, had to let a person thinking, what to take to defend the tenant information?

Compared with some professional data collection agencies, guest information data protection importance in the hotel management may never.Hotel database so vulnerable to hackers, should have a direct relationship with this.But, repeatedly show that leak accident of modern hotel have tenant information, has to be reckoned with, if we continue to use low-level management, will be a huge risk of leakage.

Information, released from the marriott hotel tenants leaked information including name, mailing address, email address, phone number, passport number, date of birth, gender, arrival and departure information, etc., is already constitute a complete sense of the data of National People's Congress, its degree of privacy, no less professional data collection agencies collected user traces.In this, the current database protection system in the field of hotel, should be a comprehensive upgrade.And its importance and urgency, and may even more than health problem.Accordingly, the configuration should also be synchronized to strengthen regulation, to include data protection ability in rating, evaluation of the hotel.

Similar news in addition to make people angry and terror, is more and more people realize the deep powerlessness.Hotel database vulnerable, only the personal data privacy information such as lack of protection of the tip of the iceberg, or it is not a special phenomenon.If at about the same time, China consumer association to assessment found that of 100 mobile phone App 47 App privacy policy content is not up to standard, 34 of them App no privacy policies, 11 App allegedly excessive information collection property.It is obvious that personal information is general digital, digital information is often leaked again, such a problem, the problems faced by line is not a thing, it requires law perfect and systematic collective salvation.

Specific how to do, is a complicated system engineering.Here only two details.One is that since 2003 to draft of the personal information security law has not been enacted;The second is, according to the latest media reports, so far, "China case" mentioned in the article, still did not see any punishment, and investigate the message.