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Shanxi Business Hotel Shanghai (Shaanxi Business Hotel Shanghai), Das Hotel befindet sich im Geschäftsviertel Yan'an Mittelstraße und Maoming South Road. Es ist nur einen Spaziergang von Shanghai Ausstellungszentrum entfernt. Huaihai Road und Nanjing Road Geschäftsstraße sind nah zueinander. Es ist neben dem Platz der Menschen, Chengdu Road / Yangdu'an Viadukt, Metro Line 1, Linie 2 und Shimen Road Station der Pudong Airport Line 6. Es ist bequem und schnell zum Flughafen und Bahnhof.
Das gesamte Design des Hotels ist modisch und elegant, von Luxus-Suiten bis zu charakteristischen Economy-Zimmer, alle Arten von Zimmertypen sind gut konfiguriert, unter denen die Luxus-Suiten genießen 360 Grad wohlhabende Landschaft.Mit dem Einsatz von hochkarätigen Konferenzdiensten, multifunktionalen Hallen und Konferenzräumen unterschiedlicher Größe können Sie verschiedene Konferenzen, Bankette und Ausstellungen veranstalten.Qinyeusuan chinesisches Restaurant sorgfältig kocht alle Arten von Qin, Yue, Hu, Chuan und Shaanxi Geschmack Snacks für Sie und bietet reiche und exquisite Köstlichkeiten für die Gäste.
Das Hotel ist mit Business Center, Fitnessraum, Entertainment-Club und anderen hochwertigen Service-Einrichtungen ausgestattet, so dass Sie Freizeit und Freizeit genießen können, während beschäftigt, was Ihre erste Wahl für Geschäftsreisen ist.
Derzeit prüft das Hotel die grünen Hotels und grünen Hotels. Sie sind herzlich eingeladen, Ihre wertvollen Meinungen und Vorschläge zu geben. Das Hotel wird Ihnen mit komfortableren und grünen Service und Wohnumgebung zur Verfügung stellen.
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  • Julisa
    Location was great, Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road are very convenient, staff was good. are most dissatisfied with central air-conditioning temperature is very high, at around 10 in the morning is air-conditioned and have no sense of, guess is off, hot! a little overdone. no free Internet in the room. If you want to travel, is also recommended.
  • e04135037
    Low floor, and around convenience, breakfast OK, overall okay
  • dxlcy
    Room facilities is complete, health is not bad, it's near the Nanjing Road shopping district location. a Word is worthy of a four star hotel.
  • e00865103
    Travel OK. good location, would consider staying again.
  • connia
    Family room, two officers both inside and outside, without disturbing, very convenient! but changed like apartments, room was too crowded, not even sofas. good location, West Nanjing Road, a few minutes ' walk to the subway, extending in all directions.
  • e04267830
    WiFi charges are particularly unstable.
  • roylee
    Friends book, feedback is very good. hotel is within walking distance from the Shanghai Exhibition Center, Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road commercial Street in close proximity, near people's square, trusting/Chengdu Lu Yanan overhead, from West Nanjing Road Station walking 10 minutes, near bus convenience. service attitude is good, room clean, breakfast variety.
  • jjlp007
    Price is acceptable
  • jasmine_fiona
    As a family room, really good, four star worthy! especially worthy of the price. go right of the Maoming road, Shanghai style style, year concession can see the atmosphere, tapas, go north Maoming road, have a five-minute line is Line 2, Nanjing Road. next time you subscribe!
  • str_nb
    Good location, convenient, very close to the Metro station ... room was clean, tidy, facilities, but the temperature is not high, some cool. have a big breakfast, variety, Chinese style, Western-style, the taste is very good. good service, very comfortable, would stay there again.
  • MCF2010
    Are also good
  • annayou
    Underneath the viaduct but sound good location more convenient to get to Nanjing Road pedestrian street bus 2 Station Road
  • luolu668
    Okay, Shanghai hotel is certainly not as good local
  • cc7881
    Live here all the time! nice
  • oswaldgao
    About 10 minutes ' walk from Xidan station, service very good, Chinese-style breakfast is also good. coincided with 11 points and water that night, and after consulting the Manager on duty was delayed for half an hour without water, sensible recommendations.
  • oliverpe
    A certain distance from West Nanjing Road Station walking 10 minutes, near public transportation is convenient. Staff attitude good bathroom very clean breakfast variety, good.
  • dannytom4ever
    All right
  • jjclub08
    Everything was reachable by feet. Very friendly employees! And perfect breakfast!
  • essy29
    Environment is good, location is also quite good, commercial areas are in close proximity. room but do not know why, old smell of decoration.
  • loveyinji
    The room carpet is a little dirty, the bed is too soft, others are pretty good!
  • e00312046
    Hotel is not clean enough, facilities are old, performance is not high, not recommended
  • a06014650
    Visit! through special facilities, breakfast very good, slightly old rooms, the bathroom shower head.
  • asayo
    Hotel is a bit old, but Shaanxi cuisine is authentic, delicious ~ great location ~
  • cylll000
    Packed packed packed packed
  • dragon1024
    Very good '' lovely ~ new location '' equipment '' cheap travel '''' up as a preferred '' hope, '' my Executive on a business trip, standard low
  • finnce
    Not far from Nanjing West Road station is not too near, 1km. all facilities, some old, small room, breakfast variety is less., 17/f, closed the window to be heard overhead.
  • maojinwen
    Good, very good
  • (Lin) (Lin)
    Cost-effective, BBF, breakfast food selection good. United States visa office close last year at Visa is also the hotel, although the decoration is a little old, but the health and services for hotels in Nice. safety and visas to stay in the hotel, this is very important.
  • evawei
    Can also be a wealth of
  • e00986779
    Visa temporary houses, like it.
  • e01957868
  • xu42574597
    Hotel is good, close to the exhibition center near
  • Jimmy1127
    Hotel very good! cost-effective ultra-high! just a few minutes ' walk from West Nanjing Road station, travel convenience. room interior very good, all wood furniture. the hotel's breakfast is also very good!
  • e01739100
    Too much noise, next to the elevated
  • cuisir
    Facilities environment are too old, breakfast boring
  • sps_fay
    Hotel is a bit old. even broadband Internet access has 601 days cheating
  • S10221
    Nice hotel! commendable! next time will stay! for breakfast too!
  • walabj
    Cost-effective. great location ... Nice.
    It's not bad
  • applew2007
    Customer addresses are in close proximity, it is very convenient and satisfactory
  • mustangcm
    Environment, convenient transportation
  • leger69
    Good location, convenient transportation
  • EnterF12
    In addition to the network for a fee, others can also.
  • e05426939
    OK, easy
  • Nolan
    Worst ever experience in hotel stay for the past years! Dont trust any positive ratings posted for this hotel. There is none that meets a minimum requirements of a decent comfort stay. Dont expect a service from anyone other than the cleaners and a few young service attendants working in the restaurant. (They will at least look at you and greet you). The front desk staffs are all very arrogant and will not hesitate to show impatient attitude and impoliteness to customers. Hotel facilities are totally run down! In summary this is a hotel that you should avoid or have your holidays ruined!
  • amanda770328
    The location of the hotel is really nice, hotel garden, the garden has three pools of different sizes, through the garden to the Sea Beach, a stay of children has been foaming sea, bubble pool, foam on the beach ... ...
  • e00001986
    Great location, very close to the Metro. just is too near the overpass is too noisy at night!
  • e00214288
    Location is good. About 10 to 15 minutes walk to line 2 in West Nanjing Rd. Room is clean. Workers are nice and speak a little bit English. Internet wifi only in lobby.
  • ljx5893455
    Book this hotel several times, I feel very good, convenient, clean and sanitary, and evening visiting Nanjing West Road, East Road, people's square are very easy. high performance-price ratio, is recommended.
  • lily820206
    Perfectly located at Yan'an Middle Road. 15 minutes walk to Subway Line 2. Several Restaurants within 5 minutes walk. Quiet Hotel as no KTV (regular visitors to China know what I mean) Best price/service in this area.