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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Shanxi Business Hotel Shanghai (Shaanxi Business Hotel Shanghai), Si trova nel quartiere commerciale di Yan'an Middle Road e Maoming South Road. L'hotel è a pochi passi da Shanghai Exhibition Center, Huayai Road e Nanjing Road Commercial Street, adiacente alla piazza della gente, Chengdu Road / Yan Road / un viadotto, linea della metropolitana 1 e linea 2, e Shimen No.1 stazione di Pudong Airport Line 6. È conveniente e veloce per l'aeroporto e la stazione ferroviaria.
Il design complessivo dell'hotel è di moda ed elegante. Dalle suite di lusso alle camere di economia speciale, tutti i tipi di camere sono ben attrezzate, tra cui le suite di lusso godono di 360 grado di benessere paesaggio.Dedicato a fornire servizi di conferenza di alto livello, sale multi-funzione e sale conferenze di diverse dimensioni sono buone scelte per voi per organizzare tutti i tipi di conferenze, banchetti e mostre.Il ristorante cinese Qinoyuessano cuoce tutti i tipi di Qin, Guangdong, Shanghai, Sichuan e Shaanxi gustosi snack, e fornisce ai clienti con prelibatezze ricche e squisite.
L'hotel è dotato di business center, palestra, club di intrattenimento e altri servizi di alta qualità, in modo da poter godere del tempo libero mentre siete occupati. È la vostra prima scelta per viaggi d'affari.
Al momento, l'hotel sta effettuando la revisione di hotel verde e hotel verde. Siete invitati a present are le vostre opinioni e suggerimenti preziosi. L'hotel vi fornirà un servizio di qualità più confortevole e verde e ambiente di vita.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Quanto dista questo hotel dall'Pudong International Airport Shanghai?

    Shanxi Business Hotel Shanghai si trova a 33.1km dall'aeroporto.

  • Shanxi Business Hotel Shanghai offre un servizio di pick-up?

    Sì, vi preghiamo di contattarci dopo la prenotazione.

  • Che orari di check-in e check-out sono previsti presso Shanxi Business Hotel Shanghai?

    Il check-in è dalle 14:00 e il check-out è fino alle 12:00 presso Shanxi Business Hotel Shanghai.

  • Shanxi Business Hotel Shanghai dispone di una piscina e palestra?

    L'hotel dispone di una palestra ma senza piscina. Si prega di consultare la pagina dei dettagli per ulteriori servizi.

  • Shanxi Business Hotel Shanghai dispone di un ristorante in loco?

    Sì, puoi mangiare in hotel.

  • Shanxi Business Hotel Shanghai dispone di banda larga o Wifi?

    Sì, si prega di contattare la reception dell'hotel per i dettagli.

  • Shanxi Business Hotel Shanghai accetta il pagamento anticipato?

    Accetta, invia il tuo ordine prima di contattarci.

  • Shanxi Business Hotel Shanghai accetta carte di credito?

    No, l'hotel non accetta carte di credito.

  • Quanto costa la colazione dell'Shanxi Business Hotel Shanghai?

    La colazione è di CNY50 / persona.

  • Quanto costa soggiornare presso Shanxi Business Hotel Shanghai?

    I prezzi partono da CNY290, a seconda del tipo di camera e della data.

Recensioni Ancora
  • bobdog
    Not bad, just no breakfast!
  • yaya9574
    The environment is good. My room is well ventilated, clean, comfortable and spacious. The bed is soft, the quilt and pillow are very good. The key is that it's not a big road outside. It's quiet at night.
  • e01308585
    just so so
  • bamboo17
    Good location, high cost performance, in the business center, suitable for visiting
  • e02099359
    Because it is close to the party, this hotel is convenient for parking, but the garage is small. The business big bed room on the 17th floor has a small room and small bed. The noise is low after the window is closed on the high shelf. Breakfast is more suitable for those who do not have high requirements. Quite satisfied this time.
  • adminago
    Very good
  • A dream of love penguins
    In order to apply for the visa, the hotel is more than ten minutes' walk from the visa office. It is not too close or far away. The location is still prosperous, but it is too close to the elevated Yan'an Road. Fortunately, it asked for a quiet room on the other side. The facilities are much better than the Express Hotel.
  • first0116
    This is the worst hotel I've ever stayed in. The room is very small. There's a musty smell in the corridor. The high temperature in Shanghai is 38 degrees. The air conditioner doesn't work. There's no corridor in the room to cool down. Call the front desk, and the staff says to get me an electric fan. Is the air conditioner in your hotel a decoration? I don't know how to put up the four-star brand
  • aoidfnwe
    Very good. The hotel managed by Jinjiang. Parking is free. It's also very close to Wujiang road.
  • e03170583
    The environment is good, not far from Nanjing West Road. The sound insulation in the room is not very good. The bathroom is a little too small.
  • e00853880
    Yes, two days in a row. Very satisfied!
  • supergay~
    In order to live in the past exam, free upgrade, front desk service attitude is very good
  • liuyongjian69
    The hotel designated by the company is quiet in the midst of trouble
  • leiyee
    It's very close to Nanjing West Road and the subway entrance. It's a pity that there is no bathtub
  • iamvilli
    I live in a business king bed. The decoration is OK. The Internet charges and is very slow, so I went directly to the Internet cafe lol. Not as good as the next seven days.
  • mamaspapas
    High cost performance and convenient geographical location. It's just that it's hard to take a taxi.
  • gyanyunyan
    Clean and convenient, good breakfast, poor sound insulation in the room
  • e01218659
    It's OK. It's charging for Internet access. Everything else is good.
  • ivywen
    Good geographical location, close to the company, help colleagues make reservations.
  • clm2018
    Convenient transportation and good environment
  • dws300
    The hotel environment is very comfortable, I will choose this hotel in the future!
  • divingblue
    High quality and low price, value recommendation!
  • e01295039
    The room is very big. The two beds are 1.2 meters. 740 meters away from the subway, Yan'an Middle Road, cost-effective
  • bjdafu
    The geographical location is very good. It is very close to metro station 2. It is very convenient to travel. I accidentally found Mao Zedong's former residence on the way from the hotel to the subway. There is also Wujiang Road catering street nearby. You can taste all kinds of delicious food. The health and service are very good, and the bed is also relatively comfortable. The fly in the ointment is that the facilities are relatively old, but the overall feeling is still good, I'll make another decision next time I have a chance.
  • aixiu
    Good location
  • mmt911
    Cost effective business hotel
  • Amanda-J
    not bad
  • e00910545
    The oocation is very convenient. Very close to the city centre, reasonable price yet elegant.
  • AsiaMiles09
    The price is very good
  • guodan_guo
    It's quiet. It's clean. It's super close to the city center. It's not easy to find a cheap and suitable place so close to the city center. Come here next time.
  • timyang
    It's OK
  • alexbing_21
    Sorry for the four-star title, the room is also small, which is the standard of Express Hotel
  • e00213914
    I feel good. The price is reasonable and the hygiene is clean
  • liuyu
    Convenient transportation, sanitary room, high cost performance.
  • e00067967
    Good environment
  • meiliyoulin
    There are few breakfast categories, the room facilities are old, and everything else is good
  • cc198458
    not bad
  • bebeyuan
    The location of the hotel is good, the service is very good, go with friends, automatically upgrade to a luxury suite, there are windows, and the breakfast is also very good. The disadvantage is that in the modern information society, broadband still charges. Shanghai should learn from Chengdu. The streets are full of free high-speed WiFi, okay.
  • yan1234
    Good, good! Clean, good service, just network charges
  • mmxxllii
    It's good. It's worth it
  • asswj
    It's a cost-effective hotel. In fact, I have a family room for his family this time. I want to stay when the family comes at the end of the month. I'm afraid the price conditions are bad. I made a special trip from other hotels to experience it. I'm very satisfied. In such a central location, you can only live in a much smaller room at the same price. Without hesitation, you booked a family room at the end of the month.
  • yirita
    After I went there, I was upgraded. This hotel is really good
  • loirju
    It's great. I ordered an economical single room, but I upgraded it to a suite for free
  • annie208
    Travel is inconvenient. It took more than an hour to get back to the hotel from the people's Square. I can't get a taxi. I won't consider it in the future
  • fanafansi
    just so so
  • roesmary
    First of all, the location is very convenient, the room is spacious and clean. On the whole, the hotel is very good, the service attitude is very good, the catering and entertainment are very good. Great check-in experience. I'll stay next time.
  • alicelolita
    In the city center, the price is very cost-effective, and parking is also very convenient
  • e03476686
    It's convenient and cheap, but I didn't see whether it was early or not when I set it. When I want to change it, I won't let it change. I'm a little depressed
  • dingmiao007
    The hotel is not a new hotel, but the buffet breakfast inside is the most attractive and satisfactory. You will continue to choose in the future.
    The location is good. It's not far from the subway station. The space is quite large. There are restaurants downstairs. There are many snack bars nearby. The service is good. The wireless network is super good
  • cucujing
    Not bad. The subway is not very convenient. Everything else is OK
  • fevercat
    Very good. The transportation is quite convenient. Even if I didn't have a room for the group purchase, I changed it for a cheaper room. It's unpleasant
  • guorener104
    Three person family suite, a family of three is very convenient to travel. It's a little noisy. The sound of the road below can be heard on the 16th floor.
  • ding_tong
    The location is good. The hotel is a little old, but it's OK to stay occasionally
  • weilangww
    General Business Hotel
  • camellia_528
    The hotel is located in the city center, with convenient transportation, quiet in the middle of trouble, clean rooms and warm layout. Compared with hotels of the same grade, the hotel has a high cost performance ratio. The waiter was very friendly and recommended the hotel's free spa experience. He will stay next time.
  • Delia1
    The hotel is good. The suite is very big, but it's too close to the elevated. It's too noisy. It's very close to Huaihai Road. It's only a ten minute walk. The only disadvantage is that it's too noisy, but you can't solve it
  • jayli22
    It's good. It's hygienic. I'll make do with the location. It's a pity that there are no windows, but the price is set. The hotel is also free to upgrade to a big bed room, like one! I don't know what happened these days. It's really uncomfortable to rush to make a reservation.
  • JaneC
    not bad
  • mariano
    Except that the air conditioner didn't work very well, everything was very good, the price was not expensive, and the breakfast was pretty good
  • fxl8668
    But it's not lost. Anyway, it's like this. It's not demanding. You can live there
  • guanlei1972
    The bed is very comfortable, the HVAC is well done and feels great. Although it is not close to the subway entrance, it is still very convenient and cost-effective in general. PS. breakfast is very good ~
  • teresa01
    I'll come back next time
  • e00229560
    Very surprised, very satisfied
  • e01246299
    The location of the hotel is very good, the room setting is also very good, the check-in and check-out procedures are very fast, the service attitude is very good, it makes people feel very comfortable, it is worth recommending.
  • taojin72
    Muslim guests said breakfast was good
  • Sumerian
    The bed is too soft, the pillow is high and the air is not very good
  • elmaguan
    Convenient, fast and clean
    Good location good value, first choice travel
  • e01667352
  • Anuran
    The room is slightly small, but fully functional. Breakfast is very good. It's also convenient to rent 20 yuan per day online. It's the best choice for personal travel. I often come to Shanghai alone on business. The conditions, location and price here are the most satisfactory, and I will give priority to it in the future.