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Shanghai's Shanxi Business Hotel (Shanxi Dasha Shangwu Jiudian) is both a business and leisure hotel located on Middle Yan'an Road near People's Square,  the impressive Urban Planning Museum and Shanghai Museum. Also within easy reach are the Shanghai International Exhibition Center and Huaihai Road,  which is home to some of the top brand name boutiques in Shanghai.

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  • nicetree
  • lenawen
    Affordable, but air conditioning is not so good, night fell asleep a little bit hot
  • linpc
    Nice hotel, good location, reasonable price, good breakfast
  • a284400706
    Have lived many times, the poor men and thin at the front desk attendant, bad service!
  • longmentrading
    Cheap, nice and cheap, good and cheap, good and cheap, good and cheap, good and cheap, good and cheap, good and cheap, good and cheap, good and cheap, good and cheap, good and cheap, good and cheap, good and cheap, good and cheap
  • patty12
    Locatin, Cleanness, Service, Facilities. thesse are all good for me. and especially the hotel has a japanese speaker.
  • cylin168
    Belongs to the relatively high cost of the lot hotel travel convenience
  • biggib
    Friend hotel in Shanghai, is also good, high school is convenient, good location, clean.
  • tgwfx
    Come to the meeting, Shanghai is now booking, business big bed room, clean and comfortable, the staff clean excellent value. is the bed a little soft.
  • e00732155
    Which is very nice
  • anne1999
    Convenient offices chose this hotel. I can feel.
  • e00001509
    Four stars clean, service is peace of mind. Very convenient location... is good cost-benefit... is safe if you book from earlier times.
  • ciccaronema
    Good location, reasonable price, already have moved for the second time.
  • Aron007
    Brother, I am refusing hire is our love
  • Amily
    Internal facilities up to 4 star standard, breakfast Super Star automatically, do not the same meal every day, lunch and dinner are also doing well, location is near the Metro station and the International Exhibition Centre, from Shaanxi road, Yanan Road, Nanjing Road is very convenient for shopping, next to Shanghai or will choose to live.
  • gareen
    Hotel location, room equipment and some old simple, Shanghai
  • Steve Ng
    No free WiFi in the room, no free breakfast, others are very satisfied!
  • arcgun
    chu chai
  • Seanlynn
    Prices can be the rug too dirty
  • jiayi100
    Nice, go out relatively easy, it's good.
  • dnieltl
    Good location, to the South of the city, North of the city is convenient. Line 2 line is a good choice. health, air conditioning, decoration ... Office in Shaanxi, very formal. no inappropriate items appear in the room.
  • LLBB16
    Qin Yue Xuan, four floor of Shaanxi noodle was pretty good. good location, between the line Line 1 Line 2 line
  • smallwoman_tb
    Think it's good, just turn around Maoming North Road, West Nanjing Road a road trolley ringing. nice hotel.
  • e02488169
    Which is very nice
  • e01667352
  • m04404829
    That's good
  • e01295039
    Rooms are large, beds is 1.2 meters. Metro 740 meters, Yan an Zhong Lu, nice
  • e03409078
    Net charge, others can also. some damp quiet
  • bby145
    3 times multiple live in the central area of Shanghai, only 5 minutes walking distance from Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road ... room was clean, a lot of foreign tourists, hotel not too bad ... recommend
  • danielbobo
    Room was very satisfactory, the foreigner visitor next time you stay
  • cammliwei
    Clean, large room, good location
  • grandma
    Nice upgrade to a suite at the hotel business is good
  • e00778415
    The transportation is very convenient, either driving or Metro you can.
  • Of the cappuccino
    Good clean and near of the hotel
  • awsail
    Hotel from the subway station at least 1 km or more, room dividers like cardboard, no Windows, air conditioning, not to force, finally know why you can't return, there's no way to live, although it is cheaper in the single room, but it should be about
  • clm2018
    Convenient, nice
  • ATP501
    subway.etc near closer good location, recomend walker trabler
  • davidlin8924
    Multiple occupancy, hotel was good ... room was clean, the service was very helpful, especially reception, next time I will choose! overall very good great value. satisfaction, Oh!
  • pawnee
    Set has three days three room, first late live 9001, a door carpet on has a chunks stains, room some odor, so open window, out eat dinner, was intends to to Jing an Temple Taiwan humane vegetarian Museum vegetarian surface, results out has Hotel 50 meters on found a home lamb pot shop, Shabu of lamb is in door now cut of fresh of, so modified has idea sat has down, taste also can. eat finished to Ka in Center and JIU Guang of supermarket shopping has a circle elimination digestion. Hotel terrain good, go to staticAnn Temple probably more than 10 minutes. back room Hou bath, found bath water very small, didn't dare wash head, probably rushed has about on out call to front desk, but due to ten points more has, decided second days again Hugh acting. second days up, simply to downstairs requirements for a between room, for to has 1001. obviously clean many, door of carpet into has tile, room also nothing odor, bathroom water also enough big has. in here to focus thanks maintenance Uncle also put I forget in 9001 of small speaker toSent, didn't think of it myself. originally intended to order up to two days to go, now that three days was okay, little three-room hotel in Shanghai, besides this terrain and the prices are good, the service also satisfactory. If redecorating business will be better under-
  • aaronyaouwong
    Environment, Metro, convenient. typical business hotel, but the cost to use the Internet!
  • cc_mm
    Good location, approximately 10 minutes away from the US Consulate, near elevated, there is free parking. facilities is very good location, room clean and tidy, provided with an umbrella.
  • daniel147
    Location is very convenient
  • g_x00000
    So, price advantage, surrounded by famous attractions, convenient service
  • cindy916
    Very good
  • perilla
    The location of the hotel was good, from the Nanjing Road is convenient, walking is certainly far. hotel occupancy also went well, adults are also satisfied, come next time if there is the nearby will stay, eat out for breakfast, not far from the hotel is the old town God's Temple in Shanghai snack well. no more than 5 minutes on foot.
  • enen1108
    Wifi charge money, speechless
  • allanwu_98
  • GC soil-soil
    So so
  • liyi7304
    Room was spacious, clean and beds soft pretty comfortable, from the visa office close, 10 minutes walk to the, very convenient
  • sososun
    OK! is that facilities are not so good health in General.