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Aimed at the five-star hotel and health chaos health supervision can be more science and technology

Date: 2018-12-12

Hotel ongoing credit crisis.Especially microblogging authenticated user "flowers always lost a great" sent a 11 minutes of video.The video details about his shot in the past year, the five-star hotel staff how to clean up the hotel room health.Some staff even use washbasins, glass, mirror, and even the same towel to clean toilet.Simply put, is the housekeeping "a dishcloth farmland".

This leads to a lot of big cafe in writing "hotel lack of training" "hotel credit collapse".But calm down and think about it, again before didn't broke this video, really don't have these problems?No one noticed these problems?Hotel management personnel at all levels is unaware?Or is it management personnel has always been in a state of blind even took it for granted?

Now costs are generally on the high side of choose and employ persons in all walks of life, and hotel and labor intensive.Each hotel to devise its profits, are trying to reduce labor costs.This makes the hotel exist obvious shortage, stretched on of choose and employ persons.That phenomenon is pick hotel staff, which let the hotel to new employees quality standard and work attitude significantly relaxed, low quality of workers in the hotel industry, hotel training to bring enormous pressure, but also to more regulation is put forward in the hotel, and higher requirements.

Hotel for health inspection and were adopted for the guest room staff supervision, strengthen training, improve staff is generally selected consciously degree, as well as the method of three-level ward round it several ways.

Here we discuss first consciousness of employees.Employees as the most basic, the most common staff.His subjective ideology, is unlikely to be the height of the manager or supervisor.And under a lot of tedious daily work, because have a stomachache state of mind is inevitable.So on the hotel regulation, how to avoid the "normal"?I think it can't use only training.Touch with our existing wages is not accurate to employees "pain points".So the training can only solve part of the employee's ideological problems.More, we should use modern related equipment for the corresponding auxiliary regulation.

Law enforcement instrument, for example, is a good auxiliary management tool.Rational utilization of law enforcement instrument automatic video recording.Can take their law enforcement while employees receive radio apparatus, the law enforcement instrument can record all the work to the staff.In staff after work, monitoring room staff will law enforcement instrument recorded content to download, and then check can be achieved, the purpose of regulation throughout the day.Whether can effectively supervise employees to achieve reasonable work standards and avoid the supervision on the blank.

And contact seal, as long as the good design corresponding process, can be used in our regulation.This does not mean that the mistrust of the employees.With demanding police police wearing law enforcement apparatus, the same is not distrust of police work.Only in this way, the effective to avoid the possible mistakes, some employees provides guests with a more assured products, at the same time also reduce the benefit dispute.Take their law enforcement apparatus is a means of prevention effect.

People on the design of the rooms, our hotel on marketing, on the way of customer service, has always been following the pace of The Times, insist on advancing with The Times, the development of science and technology.Just in the hotel's regulation, use is still relatively traditional way, simply rely on the staff's consciousness.This makes us on the regulation of employee behind the industry, with The Times.

These a few years, several of the hotel linen department of adverse events, cause the attention of our hotel managers should have enough.Both in warning us, but also we adjust the management mode in force and improve the management technology, using technology to regulate.