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In November 2018, released the list of top 100 Chinese tourist lodging industry brand

Date: 2018-12-05

Institute of the following is a point (MTA) released an exclusive "in November 2018 China tourism hotel industry top 100 brand list", the top ten brands are sheraton, home inns, intercontinental, shangri-la, Hilton, hanting, jinjiang star, Vienna, holidays, the four seasons.

In November, the hotel MBI top 13 new brands on the list, ranking competition mainly concentrated in the back-end, high-end hotel brands and boutique hotel brands in a strong rise, full service mid-range brand ranked higher performance is good, limited service mid-range hotels, budget hotels, budget hotels and rent apartment brand ranking fell short.International high-end hotels, domestic high-end hotels and full service mid-range hotel brand in this month, there were six and two new top, obviously this month, a combined 61.54% of the number of new brand, full service mid-range hotel brand new top number as many as three, accounted for 23.08%, high-end hotel brands and mid-range brands continue to power, industry "shuffle" part is apparent, economy hotel brand before no longer occupies the top three.

Michael point research institute (MTA) thinks, industry after a short break, hair type of brand has completed the selection process, the future of the international high-end hotel brands and full service mid-range hotel brand will become the power center of gravity, service upgrade, location update and store expansion will become the two types of the "new normal" of the brand.

3, list data

"In November 2018 China tourism hotel industry brand 100 ranking of" data from some brand index MBI, in November, according to Michael point index MBI nine big tourist lodging industry brand category 636 brands of statistics data.Details are as follows:

1. Take some brand index MBI (tourist lodging industry brand)

Point brand index MBI tourist lodging industry brand, part) from the search index, the index of public opinion index, operation index, the media four dimensions analysis the influence of the brand in the Internet and mobile Internet.This is Michael point research institute (MTA) self-developed "Michael" Brand Index Monitoring System Meadin Brand Index Monitoring System (MBIMS) provides a data analysis service free of charge.

Formula: MBI = a + b * * SI PI + c + d * * OI MI

Note: MBI, refers to a certain brand of Michael point brand index MBI data;A, b, c, d, refers to the weighted coefficient in system;SI (search Index), refers to the search Index;PI (Public Sentiment Index), refers to Public opinion Index;OI (Operation Index), refers to the operating Index;MI (Media Index), the Index refers to the Media.

Note: you may refer to any enterprise or individual brand index data for monitoring and prediction of brand development, brand but Michael point index MBI not completely equal to its brand development.

(1) search index (SI) : a period, brand keywords in the major search engines search positive frequency weighted sum.

(2) public opinion index (PI) : a period, the user for the brand hotel/inn/home stay facility in comments on the cumulative OTA sites.

(3) the operating index (OI) : a period of brand in the Internet and mobile Internet operations, such as website, APP, weibo, WeChat, etc.

(4) media index (MI) : a period of mass media and industry media reports on the number of positive news related to the brand keywords.

2. Statistics of time: on November 1, 2018 - November 30

3. Monitoring scope: international high-end hotels, the domestic high-end hotels, full service mid-range hotel, limited service mid-range hotels, budget hotels, budget hotels, boutique hotels, inns, home stay facility, the purpose of the nine categories such as short rent apartment 636 market mainstream tourist lodging industry brand.

Full-time monitoring based on one hundred people team, more than one thousand kinds of dimension data fetching, 5 layers of fine alignment and self audit, Michael point brand index MBI was eventually change numerous for brief, refining the multifarious data representation as the objective index and rendering it.After more than nine years of data accumulation and deep tillage, Michael point brand index MBI also has increasingly become the bellwether of insight into industry brand development and changes.