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Bet with ms dong in the final race Lei jun led millet again broke into the car, and hotel areas

Date: 2018-12-03

Shouldered the rifle millet, is accelerating.Recently, the millet breath issued four cooperation, in the field of AI + IoT into three major areas, business travel, cars, home outfit also announced the size of the fund one hundred million yuan, make incentive program developers.

Millet group chairman and CEO lei jun said that over the next five to 10 years, the core of millet + IoT strategy has always been AI.Millet than it used to be more open, more people and devices connected together effectively.

At the same time, the millet announced a strategic cooperation with ikea, ikea's all lighting products in millet IoT platform, ikea has said it is "first time" to cooperate with Chinese science and technology enterprises.

The personage inside course of study thinks, the millet expanded the scope of business space, on the operation and the user scale income at full speed, and millet to incoming incentive plans to attract manufacturers, to preempt the ecological advantage of artificial intelligence.

It is worth noting, lei jun with 1 billion yuan of dong mingzhu "day price game" has entered the "final race", lei jun of the action is "ambition".

Fully open AIoT

Millet the menacing on AIoT, continuous throw several plans.

Industry observers assume general says: "in fact, this is not a millet 'IoT for the first time, the" upgrade "is mainly on the concept.The millet to strengthen the concept of AI, close to the current 'tuyere, strengthening' technical 'tags at the same time, in order to change the impression of millet' technical ability is insufficient.At the same time, the previously proposed by the millet mobile phone as the core strategy of IoT into AI + IoT, highlight the hard and soft one, further emphasize platform properties.Millet layout IoT platform and related equipment can increase its operating users, and enhance the income scale.

Millet IoT prototype originally was born in 2014, when it set up department make connection module, then established the millet iec, hatch innovation in the field of investment IoT start-ups.We have learned, at present, the millet has investment and incubation 220 chain enterprises, such as China, cloud have been independent public.

Lei jun the announced that as of September 30, nearly 2000 millet IoT platform support equipment, intelligent device connection number more than 132 million units.

However, from the perspective of the performance of millet recently disclosed that the Internet service in holds less than 10% of total revenue, it is not evident on the total revenue."Internet service need through the terminal connected to the user, IoT devices can be used as entrance and user operation tools, promote its the business gradually developed."The personage inside course of study thinks, promote the growth of the Internet business, is also one of millet in the purpose of improving IoT importance within.

For incoming incentives to manufacturers, the millet introduced developers incentive plan.Millet group vice President of artificial intelligence and cloud platform bao-qiu cui, millet up-front investment 100 million yuan to build "millet AIoT developer fund", used to motivate the AI skills developers and AI technology co., LTD.

In car, hotel areas

This time, millet and ikea also took his hand.

Starting in December, a whole series of ikea intelligent lamp products will access millet IoT platform.Ikea intelligent lamp products will be sent to you by ZigBee gateway protocol and millet directly connected.

We have learned, ikea also selling some electrical appliances product, but smart home, digital products are few and far between.And the future of ikea or there will be a lot of smart home products, there is no lack of among them millet products.

Butyl general thought: "cooperation with ikea, millet IoT platform can more access to equipment for the user to choose from.For millet, the cooperation on behalf of its platform service capacity can be further foreign release.Ikea as a basis for the household products on behalf of the brand, to intensify the "intelligent household" millet IoT platform attributes, in terms of quality impression for millet endorsed at the same time."

In addition to ikea, millet released with full seasons hotel, car and house, love space cooperation, the development of intelligence system, build vehicle solutions, intelligent lighting package.

The personage inside course of study thinks, at present, the market will be increasingly fierce competition, Internet companies such as baidu, 360, such as terminal manufacturers such as lenovo, huawei, and some home appliance enterprises are millet rivals.The build a more open platform and millet, interested in expanding camp, in response to greater competition in the future.

Butyl general says: "the advantage of millet mainly for IoT strategy in its core handset business to establish a considerable size, layout is relatively early, another is millet IoT ecosystem has a considerable scale.However, the millet in artificial intelligence, based on the core technical ability of 5 g, is difficult to compete with baidu, huawei, etc, to a certain extent, depends on international cooperation, at the same time millet filling products is relatively fragmented, still need to build a relatively complete system and scene, and in the aspect of "intelligent household" subject - all electricity, millet and still need to occupy a better position.However, at present, the millet is accelerating set up their own advantages in these areas."