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Shaanxi and more floods caused 10 million people affected by disasters

Date: 2013-07-25

Shaanxi ProvincialCivil Affairs Departmentwas informed that asat 9:00 on the 22nd,the 18thsincea wide range ofweather, heavy rainfallhas causedthe provinceof Xi'an,HanzhongCity,10.8million people were affected, 8,190 million yuanin direct economic losses.

SinceJuly 18,Shaanxi Provincein large areasof rainfall,heavy rainfallmainly concentrated insouthernShaanxi, offthe westernMidwest andSouthernregions, triggeringfloods,causingseriousdamagehousesdown.

Shaanxiwater sectormonitoring shows thatat 8:00 on the 18thtoat 17 o'clock on the 19th, the provincehas95countiesprecipitation.Wherein50-100 mm5100mm or more7.Caused by heavy rainfallin Shaanxi Provinceof26rivers34stationspeak appears54times, includingthe Jialing River,HanjiangRiver andtributariesstoneshui River,praiseRiver,XuRiver,MeridianRiversevenriverssevenstationsappearedeight timeshigher than the warningflood peak.

Shaanxi ProvincialMeteorological Stationat 16:00 on the 21stissued a blue rainstormwarning,andlaunched a majormeteorological disasters(storm) Ⅳlevel emergency response.

According to theShaanxi ProvincialDepartment of Civil Affairsstatistics, asat 9:00 on 22 July, Xi'an,Hanzhong, Weinan,Tongchuan, AnkangCity,28counties, 8(autonomous regions and municipalities)10.8million people were affected, 1.6million peopleevacuated;3400betweenhouses collapsed and13,000damaged;crops affected area of4.6million hectares,of whichnearly700 hectaresof crops;direct economic loss of190 million yuan.

It is reportedby the cold airoutsideand the westernPacific subtropicalsouthwest ofthe combined effect ofwarm air, Xi'an, Baoji,Hanzhongand other placesthe next 24 hourswill still appearstrong rains.

Shaanxi ProvincialMeteorological Stationat 8:30 on the 22ndupgradereleaseyellow rainstorm warning,and(rain) Ⅳlevel emergency responseupgraded tomajor weather disasters(storm) Ⅲlevel emergency response.