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Push 'intangible items into the home stay facility in Shanghai suburbs

Date: 2019-06-15

On June 8 is "cultural and natural heritage day".To promote the development of the cultural and tourism integration, improve the rural cultural connotation of the home stay facility, HuJiao, sanyo and other places to explore in the jinshan porch to promote "intangible items into the home stay facility.

According to the Shanghai jinshan district tour bureau chief introduction, "intangible items into the home stay facility, is to through jinshan farmer paints and other" intangible project "in the display of a home stay facility allows visitors to further understand the charm of" intangible "and inheritance.Visitors can make a picture in the home stay facility handwoven cloth stickers, painting a few pen farmer paints, learn to do a cloth bag, assembled a boat ship model, experience rooted in rural folk intangible cultural heritages.

To promote the development of intangible cultural heritages and home stay facility fusion symbiosis, jinshan farmer paints, sailing junks, dozen lotus xiang represented by "intangible" passing on, the flicker respectively with bamboo lane, nymphs proud accommodation facilities, jiangnan lian xiang the owner of the home stay facility such as a pair of build, with intangible culture promote suburban culture connotation of home stay facility, with the home stay facility to fully display the charm of intangible cultural platform, let "culture + tour" to achieve "one plus one is greater than two results.

It is reported that the home stay facility as emerging forms of rural tourism development, are HuJiao gradually grow.Shanghai implement relevant filing system, development of home stay facility for eligible issued by home stay facility operation home stay facility registration certificate, to gain legal business registration license.To guide the quality development of home stay facility, create brand of home stay facility, HuJiao jinshan also entrust Shanghai star rating committee to early to get the record of 20 home stay facility according to the national related department to conduct rating evaluation requirements.