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New York terminal center into hotel can watch planes in the endless pool

Date: 2019-04-28

New York's Kennedy international airport terminal five TWA terminal center began in 2016 into a boutique hotel, in addition to the guest room, conference center and restaurant, and a top floor without pool, guests can swim, overlooking the runway, the hotel will be opened on May 15th.

According to the TWA hotel, 19.5 meters long pool is located in the top floor of about 3048 square meters of observation deck, open all the year round.Because of the warm water equipment, don't have to worry about can't water in the cold winter in New York.Swimming pool choose transparent glass wall, tourists can travel to the utmost edge pool, panoramic view, get a good view of the busy 4 l - 22 r aircraft take-off and landing on the runway.It is said that no marginal pool inspiration, from France's Eden cape Howe Hotel (Hotel du Cap Eden Roc).

TWA said that the hotel can free use the swimming pool during the housing, as for the hotel guests as long as the reservation in advance, also can use free of charge.You can hold about 300 people, have a catering service.

TWA hotel is located in two low-rise buildings, with the classic Hollywood style interiors and perfect sound insulation window, although quite close to the runway, don't worry about the plane engine sound loud, travelers can still sleep.

It is reported that the TWA terminal center was built in 1962, closed in 2001.New York's governor, announced in 2016 that will be converted into a terminal center has 512 rooms, 6 restaurants and bars of upscale hotels.The massive project developed by MCR company cooperate with jetblue, two companies hold shares in the TWA terminal center were 95% and 5% respectively project with a total investment of about $265 million.

MCR company executive moss (Tyler Morse) said "we provided by the rooftop pool of runway vision, comparable to air traffic controllers" and "no place in the world, than here I may better appreciate the plane and enjoy cocktails".