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Early love shopping, sightseeing, cultural consumption growth, new requirements of Yangtze river delta tourist Shanghai ready

Date: 2019-02-27

From "to the Forbidden City holidays an unprecedented boom, the palace" has night "one ticket to the Lantern Festival is hard to find, at the beginning of the year of the pig red to purple Forbidden City several exhibitions, fully shows that today's visitors to the enthusiasm of fusion products.In Shanghai, the blossoming of museums, art galleries and all kinds of exhibitions, performances, lectures, etc., are also makes the city of Shanghai itself become a huge "cultural IP", attracts the Yangtze river delta tourists visit many times.
But the reporter discovers in the survey, although some travel agencies outside of the regular travel joined the cultural elements, some Shanghai cultural performances is also attractive to visitors, but in the building of fusion products and market development of Yangtze river delta tourists, it remains to be further boost market forces.