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Best western launched two new boutique hotel brand Sadie and Aiden

Date: 2018-10-01

Best western hotels and resorts on Wednesday announced two new boutique Hotel brand - Sadie, Hotel and Aiden Hotel.The two brands will be for those who own property and want to change a card for new lifestyle hotel owners and developers.

Sadie, high-end hotel market, Aiden is into the upscale hotel market.However, for the two category mid-range hotel market, in particular, for a new brand, it is full of challenges.

Just like last week, selected international hotel launched its latest mid-range hotel brand Clarion Pointe, as Sadie and Aiden, it is also for those who want to mid-range hotel in existing category for the owners of the property updating with a new brand identity.

Best western using the "avant-garde personality", "modern, have the spirit of aesthetics" and "colorful, imaginative lobby" and other words to describe the two new brands, and claims between the new brand to help owners "expand the customer base, achieve higher RevPAR" to attract hotel operators.Because they with best western distribution channels, loyalty program and reservation system.

Best western's chief executive, David Kong said in a statement: "the preliminary and Aiden, will make full use of our cost-effective," turnkey "project, customized design and renovation plan, to have the brand hotel owners or developers of independent provides a unique opportunity for repositioning property."

With Sadie and Aiden, best western is undergoing a major restructuring of the company structure, the transition from a nonprofit organization to for-profit businesses, in order to better compete with other major global organization.

After the card, does the performance than the best western in recent years the introduction of other new brand grow faster, it will be worth waiting for.

As early as in 2014, for example, best western for the first time the Vib boutique hotel brand, but it was not until the opened its first store in 2017.Intercontinental hotels group, in contrast, Avid last year announced the launch of a new brand, the first hotel has just opened recently, from the brand first announced less than a year.

As more and more popular brand into the high-end and mid-range hotel market, between each other in attracting guests and owners of competition has become more intense.

If best western want to ensure that the success of the two new brand, it certainly must emphasize the power of the system for hotel owners, and make sure that these brands to effectively sell to consumers.