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Distance into the expo opening less than one hundred days have launched hotel Shanghai house price monitoring mechanism

Date: 2018-08-01

China international exposition of import have entered the 100 - day countdown to the sprint phase, during the fair housing security, tourism, tourism market management, public services and urban tourism publicity work in the powerful propulsion.

Afternoon, July 30, surging news reporter learns from import expo travel security work propulsion conference, according to the distance mileage import expo held national conference and exhibition center, Shanghai has built "7 + 1" accommodation guarantee envelops, at the same time to take measures to stability control housing prices, and coordinate all around resources reserve accommodation.

The meeting stressed that the import expo is the world's first to import as the theme of the national fair, is the world expo 2010 Shanghai, and a large international fair, will be a series of far-reaching influence on the economic and social development of Shanghai.To fully grasp the Shanghai import expo held in Shanghai in the big opportunity to hit the "Shanghai" service brand, show the image of the city, pull the tourism consumption, to promote tourism development level.

Conference, according to the mileage from national conference and exhibition center, Shanghai has built up "7 + 1" accommodation guarantee envelops, concentrated districts work force, a comprehensive carding accommodation guarantee supply list, hierarchical partition do fine solid.

Touch the summary, so far above designated size hotel Shanghai (80 or more rooms and chain brand hotel) reached 1711, a total of 256607 rooms, 411000 beds.

Conference disclosed, by communicating with foreign guests any queries within, according to the classification of import expo visitors, carefully selecting the recommended reception hotel, has been for domestic and foreign dignitaries regiment important guest group purchasing, provinces and cities, the state purchasing parties, media reporters at home and abroad, etc., to coordinate the implementation of more than 80 hotels prepared to hotel reception.

At the same time, Shanghai has now start hotel prices monitoring mechanism, the temporary price intervention measures, to guide the ctrip and other major online booking platform to pull up the fence, to strengthen the real-time monitoring of prices, booking rate, real-time response.

In addition, through the communication with the suzhou tourism docking, has to wujiang, taicang, kunshan and other regions into the accommodation guarantee, initially formed currently 49 hotels, including about 8860 guest rooms as supplementary properties.

Meet the import expo, Shanghai is also energetically to upgrade tourism public service level, speed up the polishing of tourism products, making updates, their travel literature.

So far, in Shanghai, area has two levels of tourism management departments to import expo related about 200 batches of various types of training, covers the tourism management and service staff nearly 40000 people;Has now completed the bund shiliupu, small pudong lujiazui, jing 'an temple, international tourist resort 10 upgrade of tourist service center, hongqiao international airport and other 12 RACES ahead.

Tourism industry social words words, requirements of the international city, Shanghai requirements involved brigade enterprises and institutions, the focus is on hotels, scenic spots (points), etc., and tourist information center to carry out the inspection work, comprehensive carding specification industry words words.

Grinding of a batch of tourism products, Shanghai has to carry out the water front linkage line, perfect the 45 km along the huangpu river, tourism service facilities, to carry out the tour boat and dock "standard" star "work, strive for with a new image appeared during the National Day.

Around import expo, the Shanghai area, two levels of tourism sector to focus on the hotel and the airport, dock and train station, etc., has embarked on tourism information, tourism, ratten touch screen, welcome to brand promotion service facilities such as configuration, integration and produce a batch of travel literature, mainly including travel brochures, maps of tourism, tourist publicity folding, departure tax propaganda video pieces, etc., into the hotel, into the hall, into the scenic spots (points), into the tourism consulting center, for the customers to understand the latest Shanghai tourism information, create a good atmosphere of open their doors.

Meeting requirements, Shanghai each relevant departments and units to the full implementation of the whole city pledging mobilization meeting spirit, strengthen the responsibility, strengthening coordination and practical import expo travel security work force.