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After no one supermarket Even the hotel began to play the routines

Date: 2018-07-27

As the global into intelligent, no one supermarket concept put forward by the ma and trial led to a high-profile public opinion, and even led to a "human jobs don't protect" and a series of thought-provoking thinking.And recently, the domestic hotel also follows the unmanned operation of the supermarket formula and officially opened, the passenger's hotel each link is self-service, but its also daydream making a person is free for human services: what is the gain on the public's curiosity, or really want to become a benchmark for the future development of hotel industry?
Throughout the traditional hotel, its than no one hotel, there are many drawbacks, first of all, is a different hotel service attitude is good and bad are intermingled, nanjing was earlier reported a news, a guest at the local seven days hotel chain of rough handling a waiter, even the existence of lead shielding subordinate behavior, make customers recourse, eventually as the news spread, the hotel's image is destroyed.

In addition, the service efficiency is not high also is the common fault of the hotel industry, when traffic is close to the peak, due to the related formalities trival, limited service team overwhelmed, the queuing time is too long, greatly influence the guest service experience, increased the waiting time cost, difficult to build the hotel good first impression in customers mind.In addition, the content of some hotel can provide service is too single, can not cater to the taste of the customer demand diversity, for example, cannot provide sauna, gym, movie and other supporting services.

To jump out of the limitations of traditional rules, you have to stand in the perspective of the user to adjust the service facilities conditions of all the hard, and no one hotel can provide information service, the residents in the guest room through information interaction system and can be through the city's tourist information, to know the traffic road conditions, weather conditions and other information.Or provide office services to people in the room can work, such as video conference, along with the science and technology in a day and customer's demand has increased dramatically, there is no hotel service project and content in the future continue to expand gradually.

Nobody than traditional hotel and one of the biggest and most cruel advantage, is the human cost is almost zero, especially the hotel takes high-end course, more urgent demand for staff, take the world's most famous Hilton Hotel as an example, due to large scale, operation trival, so must have a large number of employees in different positions, in addition to this, must also be equipped with outside of hotel service facilities, such as cleaning, security personnel, and there is no hotel just in intelligent science and technology input costs, only regular maintenance of equipment, maintenance, greatly saves manpower spending, also proves that the traditional hotel this disadvantage is one of the biggest advantages of itself.

However, there is no hotel brings revolutionary not far in these elements, such as the substitution of the self-service check-in machine for the front desk, guest just by this machine, can be easily done in a few seconds of the check-in and check-out is dealt with, in addition to this, no one hotel robot with delivery, information interaction and accept all guests by voice commands to provide timely service of the electronic equipment inside the room, let the hotel to maintain efficient operation, more to save from the traditional 20% loss in the hotel.

In addition, the technology of intelligent voice can always control inside the TV, lamps and other household appliance, such as living objective shadow mode opens, the curtain shut down automatically, the guests sleep patterns opens, dim room lights automatically go out or etc., and there is some unmanned hotel also has video systems integration system, the intelligent TV as the carrier, not only make the guest in the room can be achieved by the system order, a pint, check-out requirements, can also provide guests with include transportation, weather, food and so on all aspects of information, these embodies the core elements of all no one hotel adhering to the "people-oriented" service purposes and business philosophy of science and technology, and is committed to all the guests to provide high quality, comfortable hotel services.

No one hotel at the same time there also exist some defects, however, after all, it is a bit less mechanical service human warmth, but believe in the future with the ascension of AI technology, will continue to be combined with intelligent to get a more perfect bidirectional, but the first complete, are the two big problem in the security and information security.After all no one hotel because of lack of regulation, so for security against the assets of the avs caused great hidden trouble, so you have to develop a complete security system without holes.And as for the information security, no hotel also must guard against hacker attacks, once the guest information leaked out, and very likely to cause a huge loss, so how to better safeguard the hotel information security, and no one hotel developers must consider and solve the problem.

Is no gainsaying that none of the ground changed the traditional hotel backward management mode, and begin to carve up the passenger, if the tradition is still stuck in the past, will suffer a huge impact, and even may be facing a crisis of being eliminated by the science and technology.However, it is a good smart technology it is impossible to completely replace human in some categories, as Mr Ma said: "there is no supermarket, won't make the supermarket staff lost their jobs", this sentence is not completely out of reassurance, but prove that there is no hotel intelligent system is only for the traditional hotel play a supporting role, the latter must transform, the human and intelligent system for cohesion and division of labor, to usher in a better tomorrow.