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Shanghai weather: began to return to the day the sun still today

Date: 2018-02-13

Shanghai is still sunny to cloudy weather today, southwest 3-4.

Morning the most lowest temperature is below zero in the city, among them, the downtown xujiahui is 1.1 ℃, chongming 5.8 ℃ relative to the minimum, jinshan - 5.4 ℃ listed second, followed by the qingpu and fengxian 5.3 ℃.Now 7 PM, frost yellow warning signal remains.Heat up during the day or great is expected today, and the highest temperature of 12 ℃.

14, influenced by a warm air mass, Shanghai structures gradually increased, the temperature rise is more apparent, morning lowest temperature 7 ℃, the highest temperature can reach 17 ℃ during the day.
Cold weather over the lunar New Year holiday, the city shine, wet weather.Precipitation will mainly appeared in the 15th (New Year's eve) and 18 (3) before and after, of which 18, precipitation is more obvious.In addition, New Year's eve air humidity is bigger, intermittent prone to precipitation rain fog, clouds, such as low visibility weather, have certain influence on transportation.