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Shanghai power development in xinjiang 'special tourism'

Date: 2018-02-06

Recently, the xinjiang kashi area more than yecheng county tourism bureau and the Shanghai travel agencies, outdoor club signed a cooperation framework agreement, "special tourism", designed to attract more visitors to the local tourism.
"Special tourism" is to meet the tourists in terms of particular interests and needs, directional development organization a characteristic feature of tourism activities, continuous long travel time, destination often have peculiar landform, inaccessible, travel is difficult, but also can bring fresh and explored sexual experience to visitors.In recent years, with the increase of residents' travel frequency, relatively small "special tourism" has become a new growth point.This agreement, travel agencies and clubs more offer visitors ice-snow tourism, mountaineering tourism, and other "special tourism" project.
Last September, composed of tourism experts, photographers, travel agencies and other drive on the line, starting from yecheng county open exploring new hidden played strategy trip to drive on the highway.Shanghai xinjiang area in front of the headquarters and Tibet ali also jointly develop new highway tourism development.
Executive director of Shanghai normal university, institute of urban development and high took part in the relevant travel route survey and will be involved in the tourism planning.He introduces, via yecheng county new hiding along the road has many fascinating tourist resources needs to be combed, development.
"K2, for example, there have been climbing enthusiasts with longing, but how to attract more ordinary visitors will need to do scientific planning: compared with time-consuming, have greater difficulty of mountaineering activities, can introduce some short time-consuming, sightseeing elements more line."High said, at the same time, in the process of development of local tourism, how to realize the tourism poverty alleviation and ecological protection, also need to be further scientific planning.
Shanghai xinjiang deputy commander, ye ye points rogan, deputy head of introduction, as the ye Shanghai tourism quality group, bring more opportunities for ye.Under the support of Shanghai xinjiang policy, ye is actively promote the development of tourism industry, strengthen the construction of tourism infrastructure, the development of new formats tourism products, foster new consumption hot spots.