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Joy City property revenue 10.3 billion yuan hotel business grew by 49% last year

Date: 2020-04-04

Joy City holding on March 31, 2019 was held online results conference, vice President of cofco, Joy City holding property chairman zhou zheng, chairman of the board of directors, Joy City Joy City holdings, Joy City real estate executive director, general manager of Cao Ronggen, Joy City Yao Changlin holdings, deputy general manager and board secretary song bing xin management attended the conference.

Cao Ronggen pointed out that Joy City property last year posted revenue of 10.3 billion yuan, up 27% from a year earlier.Among them, the rental income 3.064 billion shopping center;Shopping center EBITA 2.233 billion yuan, up 53%;Sales of 20.9 billion yuan, up 13%;Annual company core net profit excluding one-time size 585 million, up 27% from a year earlier.

In terms of the cost of financing, Joy City property 2019 annual funding costs an average of 4.55%, still maintain in low level of industry.4 port fairy, per share dividend rate is 6.06.

In terms of profit, last year posted a gross profit of 5.7 billion yuan, up 28%;The gross margin of 56%, an increase of one percent.In addition, the shareholders should take profits fell 22% year-on-year, which belongs to the shareholders core net profit of RMB 1.942 billion fell 17% year on year.

In terms of contract and sales, Joy City property contract amount 12 billion, 2019, up 35%;Debt collection 9.8 billion, up 45%;Clearing income 4.6 billion, an increase of 30%, 42% gross margin.

It is important to note that because of Beijing xidan big yue reshipment hotel opening, and part of the hotel into the table, Joy City property holding property and construction of airplane property increases by 35%, the hotel business growth of 49%.