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'Night of Shanghai economy' : multiple formats to release consumption potential

Date: 2019-12-09

"Night economy" has emerged, become "a new engine of economy, sparked a new business opportunities and vitality city.Because of the difference of urban culture, "night of the economy" is sending out the different lasting appeal.This newspaper from today to launch "focus on urban economy" series, painted picture of different region people night life consumption, explore the new mode of culture and the development of economic integration.

The lights on, kawakaze breeze, walking the streets in the shen between people, and step into the "Shanghai night".Dingxi road cuisine street aroma of 4 excessive, great saphenous press the middle of the night light warm, peaceful and yangpu riverside trails on the runners sweat profusely, upcoming emerged from the theatre of young people on the road at the buttonwood sprinkle with laughter...

This is the Shanghai night, diffuse the fireworks in city breath and fashion taste.Economic prosperity at night is leave once "night in Shanghai" more charming luster.Liu, deputy director of Shanghai's commerce committee said: "to develop the economy at night, is to optimize supply, the needs of the development of the business, high quality and meet the needs of the people's yearning for a better life."

Activation of multiple forms of Shanghai

Night economy just booth lu string?In Shanghai, night economy all-encompassing.GongQing forest park in Shanghai, the 13th China chrysanthemum exhibition.Using advanced lighting and AR technology, for the first time for visitors to open new mode night chrysanthemum appreciation.

Two big old cinema guangming cinema with cathay cinema, become Shanghai's first cinema "24 hours", let the family of late night "have more freedom to viewing.China's first "special night safari park", more than 100 kinds of nearly 5000 head animals, encounters with visitors in the animal kingdom.

"Yi yi: one thousand silver" and the history of China's currency "burning shuo: middle of the 15th century jingdezhen porcelain exhibition" float if sea: France brownlee kay museum ZhenPinZhan Pacific art "...Shanghai museum, Shanghai museum of history museum and so on 14 open pilot night work...

Colorful nightlife, let city glows at night."Night in Shanghai" subway route on weekends to extend the time of operation;"Late-night shopping mall".Shanghai snack street after consolidation, return to the streets;Jinjiang paradise night market with the slogan of "let diners out Shanghai";"Night of Shanghai xintiandi, Shanghai is the first characteristic consumption demonstration zone", during the night, the national language culture, the distinctive bar restaurant was full.

Just shortly after the 2019 Shanghai tourism festival "light up" shen night: night of the bund area on October 2nd 220000 instantaneous flow new record;"The stag road 158 food night market" and "jinjiang amusement park" night market "Yangtze Germany beer festival" "jing 'an international sparkling wine festival" crowded...According to statistics, attract more than tens of thousands of people to participate in the tourism festival evening activities hundreds of games, strong pull the night consumption of Shanghai.

Shanghai to foster the effect of the "night of the economy" is emerging: in July, "alibaba" night economy "report", according to Shanghai "night" consumption leading the country."Oriental Paris" boom continued in one hundred, now business, tour, and night consumption further integration scenarios, one-stop shopping has become a trend.

Concentrated area cluster "night" economic potential

Have opened 20 years the song of the spicy crab was the memory of many people in Shanghai.In 1999, when the old people in Shanghai are immersed in the cuisines of thick oil red sauce, spicy crab song remember odbo founder launched Shanghai cuisine, seized the lead from Shanghai eat spicy business opportunities.Recently, the rich atmosphere of "night economy" let odbo confidence one hundred times, decided to reopen an old, to make the new store decoration, hope to continue to win young people's favorite, the shop to keep working on it.

Economy from the city to improve the city at night night empty nest phenomenon and put forward the concept of economics, in the current has become an important part of urban economy.Seize the night economy ", new engine fuel economy, Shanghai acute sense, action quickly.In April this year, the Shanghai nine departments jointly issued on the guidance to promote the development of economy at night in Shanghai ", for the construction with "international fei" "Shanghai flavour" fashion "nightlife" concentrated area rules.

On September 20, Shanghai business committee issued the first landmark nightlife agglomeration zone, huangpu, pudong, yangpu, xuhui, jing 'an, minhang district, six economic momentum at night.

Pudong new area as the forefront of reform and opening up, around the area, five laps, multipoint "layout, spread the heat to a pudong night economy."Area" refers to pudong riverside with the focus on the huangpu river along the east coast of 22 km;"Five circle" refers to the key business circle;"Multipoint" refers to the night life and facilitation services.This "area, five laps, multipoint" will be at home and abroad in the high-end fashion crowd people working and living in and around "the gang", all included in our service scope.Huangpu district to explore 24-hour dynamic block construction, to whole block into a highly integrated with nature "shopping mall".To explore the night outside the "placement" system, launched the first "night district" and the first batch of "executive" nightlife.

Spontaneously grown up "the night of the economy", the Shanghai jing 'an district dagu road of exploration is of great reference value.According to dagu road "merchants borough council" chairman Zhang Jian introduction, 500 meters of dagu road, however, had gathered more than 70 merchants and traders in tensions, most complaints over hundred a month.Then traders to establish "autonomy committee", to develop the convention, self-management, ultimately residents and manager's approval.Since August 16, Shanghai central area of the two "period of time walking street" - a new hubin road blocks and vigor and 55-minute AnYi successively opened lights, night lane marks the night of Shanghai economy entered a stage of accelerated development.