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The seventh characteristic hotel alliance case sharing BBS held in Shanghai

Date: 2019-10-20

On October 15, 2019, by the characteristic hotel alliance, the hotel management consulting co., LTD., Shanghai peak on Shanghai tourism trade association in collaboration with the hotel industry branch of "the seventh case sharing and class quality characteristic hotel" BBS, hongqiao hotel successfully held in Shanghai.From 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the country's 30 cities of more than 160 hotel executives (including 40 non-members hotel executives) to participate in the BBS.
During the meeting, the original national tourism bureau deputy director, the original Chinese tourist hotel industry association secretary-general Xu Jingsheng attended the meeting and delivered a speech.In his speech he said: the current BBS in seventy anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China's alliance with the unique way to celebrate national prosperity, the tourist hotel industry development in the direction of the green, innovative and high quality, has the vital significance.Highly affirmed the characteristic hotel alliance to promote the industry characteristics of operation and different development achievements, want the alliance to create, to collect more and better case, leading China's hotel industry seek improvement in stability, high quality development.

Vice President of China tourism hotel industry association, Shanghai tourism hotel industry branch of luyang in his speech stressed: imported in China the second international exposition at the upcoming union held the seventh case sharing BBS, not only have the effect of mobilization and push in the hotel industry in Shanghai, but also to the national hotel industry will produce certain effect.Shanghai tourist hotel industry actively implement the party central committee and Shanghai municipal committee of the instruction spirit, on the supply side, green innovation, reform the garbage classification and so on has made the positive exploration and practice, formed a unique mode and can draw lessons from the experience of Shanghai.Culture characteristic hotel alliance since its establishment, in mining, building characteristics and lead the industry in the different development road, made a positive contribution.Want the alliance to share more and better success with the industry, expand the Shanghai exchange and cooperation with brother provinces and cities of the country's diverse, to speed up the pace of cultural construction to promote China's hotel industry to make new contributions.

Rotating President Zhang Qian summary of his speech in the afternoon on the basic of the union: there are 54 characteristic hotel alliance member hotels, 30 domestic and international famous brands.Distributed in 16 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in our country 26 cities.Characteristic hotel alliance is not only the concept of "features and theme", is synonymous with quality and profitability.

In recent years, the member hotels quality constantly optimized, through the alliance platform, expand the characteristic hotel magazine promotion and sharing information at the same time, effectively promoted the growth of member hotels long-distance customers.League secretariat will be further committed to the research, share work collection, transmission, and will continue to improve the core values of alliance platform and leading role.

Guests in case sharing session, party secretary of hangzhou west lake state guesthouse, legal representative jian-ying wang, in suzhou, general manager of crowne plaza owner in accordance with the group, Shanghai xintiandi anda shen shi hotel owners Zhou Jian, the general manager of our company, shenzhen east oct hotel group general manager chan pun, yiwu Zhang Jian shangri-la hotel general manager, Qingdao haier air conditioning, general manager of big customer bean HongSheng, Shanghai magnetic levitation seven ooze industrial co., LTD., general manager of the high leaders of zhen respectively made a wonderful speech communication, they from different angles, to share the enterprise under the new situation how to take the market as the guidance, to the guests as the center, stick to the standard, continuous innovation, make enterprises' income increase.

Among them, the class quality by characteristic hotel alliance secretary-general Qian Sanmao, Shanghai jin jiang hotel management college Yu Bingyan professors lecture, they are "the mission of the Chinese and foreign classic case analysis, the hotel people and ACTS as a" to do the professional interpretation.Two industry experts and professors lecture informative, equipment is strong.10 Qian Sanmao secretary general of the Chinese and foreign classic case analysis and the five countermeasures for everyone a lot of inspiration.

, professor Yu Bingyan "mission" of the hotel people through what way to express, "bear" and how to reflect, have made the simple elaboration, hotel people confidence in the new situation, to overcome the impetuous, stick to the standard, unite as one of Chinese brand has very important significance.

Qian Sanmao in guest dialogue in the link as a host, shangri-la hotel group vice President of chinese-speaking, Hilton de-li huang, President of greater China and Mongolia development, Shanghai east lake group co., LTD., vice general manager Mr. Cao, director of the Shanghai tourist hotel star judges Huang Tiemin, they are "hotel industry how to deal with the transition of" the depth of the discussion and interpretation of the authority."The market overall look good, difficult opportunities, improve the quality for this, the development innovation" to form the experts dialogue keywords.The shangri-la, Hilton, Shanghai east lake group in the "innovative thinking, don't forget the beginner's mind, enhance confidence going" international brand localization and share the successful experience of national brand internationalization "practice, let the guests.Director of Shanghai star judges Huang Tiemin reporting "Shanghai hotel formats and response" in the accurate interpretation of the results obtained in the hotel industry in Shanghai at the same time, points out the challenges facing Shanghai and stress.Finally to the whole industry expressed the Shanghai will further strengthen the regulation of industry, leading the industry development of the determination and confidence.

In order to make the effect to further expand the characteristic hotel alliance, incentive related individuals and enterprises to promote the industry to speed up the pace of characteristic culture construction's contribution, the recognition on the BBS.Original Chinese tourist hotel industry association secretary-general Xu Jingsheng, characteristic hotel alliance's rotating President Zhang Qian, shangri-la hotel group vice President of chinese-speaking, Shanghai east lake group deputy general manager Mr. Cao ping, director of the Shanghai tourist hotel star judges Huang Tiemin for "elite" cultural theme hotel construction with Chinese characteristics of Mao Wengang, guo-sheng shi, Song Ping, Chen rong, zhang xiaomei, in accordance with the group, Zhou Jianqiang, Huang Jiayu, wei hua shen comrade jiang for the award.Tianjin LiShun deda, Shanghai bund waldorf astoria hotel, Shanghai ruijin intercontinental hotel, nanjing jinling hotel hotel, respectively, so as to obtain different awards.